The Good

When it comes to drainage around your foundation (internally and externally) its important the pipe is level with the top of the footers (beside them not above them). The internal application illustrated here allows for groundwater to reach the pipe long before contacting the floor. This allows the water to flow freely through a perforated (filters sediment) drainage pipes to a sump liner. the tried and true method also allows for the placement of 3-4" of concrete which is required by building code. 

The Bad

This "specialized" system sits on top of the footer. Water from the ground needs to rise up in contact with the floor before it reaches this system. The required amount of concrete to meet code is not possible since this system sits on the footer. Framing the basement would mean nailing through the concrete into this system. 

The Ugly

Damage to your home and contents from a flooded basement is a stressful ordeal. Cleaning and gutting your basement, trying to work with insurance to replace your possession, its all preventable with the right solutions. 
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